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Pray for Japan -April 10th,2011 at Javaroma Cafe

Thank You Very Much!
Your Support from this event is: $1,107.16

What: Tako-Yaki-Day
Where: Yellowknife Coop
When: April 24th,2011, 12-15pm


Event Apr24th,2011 Takoyaki Making Event Apr24th,2011 Origami

Event Apr24th,2011 Show the Live News on Mar 11th,2011 Event Apr24th,2011 Event booth

Event Apr24th,2011 Takoyaki Tasting area Event Apr24th,2011 Takoyaki Tasting area

Event Apr24th,2011 Paper Craft area Event Apr24th,2011 Event Booth

Tako-Yaki Day

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